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Fond Memories

"I remember my Grandfather pulling a wagon from our old homestead on Cottage Avenue with me in tow while he purchased local produce to be eaten straight away and the other delectables to be stored in our root cellar for the winter." — Carol Wardock

Hear What People Have To Say!


“It`s local and the community and everybody just looks forward to it because it`s like a tradition. You can`t wait for the farmers market to open every year.”

— Patricia Mellody, Dickson City

“The freshness. Everything is so fresh. Otherwise I think it comes from far away in the supermarkets.”

— Vera Platt, Clarks Summit

“I love buying from the local farmers. You`re helping the local economy, which is always a good thing, and like I said, the produce is always amazing here and it`s priced right.”

— Christine Osborne, Spring Brook Township.

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“The Farmer's Market is a bit a hidden treasure in Scranton. It's a good place to just sort of wander from stall to stall and see what looks good. Tomatoes, apples, all sorts of root vegetables, and a surprising variety of hot peppers as well as a local butcher and bakery can all be found here.”

— Matt N., Scranton, PA

From the Community

“My Mom always went to the Farmer's Market, and my sisters and I share her love of it. I buy the veggies, fruit, meat, eggs, and bread! I have never purchased anything there that I was disappointed in! Everything is delicious and the Farmers always are giving you hints on how to prepare what you buy! I can't wait until it opens. You can even purchase flowers there!”

— Jeanie Corcoran, Lackawanna County

“I love the Farmer’s Market every year. They make eating healthy affordable and exciting! I used to take my children and now my daughter takes my grandchildren! It’s a lovely tradition that teaches good eating habits!”

— Barbara M. Bolus, Lackawanna County

“Can't wait until the Co-op Farmer's Market opens on Friday. Great products, grown locally and ORGANIC! Love taking my son to the market. The vendors are very friendly, and it gives him a great opportunity to learn how his food is grown, and to meet and talk to those who do it, plus we're supporting local farmers. Like another poster said, you just can't get this quality of produce in your supermarket.”

— Bruce Riley, PA

“We drive over 45 miles to go to this market. Great prices, vendors are friendly. They have a very good selection of fruits and vegetables. I would highly recommend this market and will go back many times this season.”

— Katie Joyce, PA

“The Scranton Farmer's Market offers premium produce, meats and cheeses at fair prices in a convenient open-air venue. I love to leisurely stroll the aisles, chat with the vendors, master gardeners and other shoppers and then buy lots fresh veggies to enjoy and share. The Co-operative Farmers Market of Scranton rocks!”

— Mary Rose, S. Scranton, PA

“I support local farms first. Most of the farmers at the Scranton Market are the same family farms that were running stands when I was a child. Now that I am older and shop there for my own family it's nice to see the same families still committed to feeding our community.”

— Emily M., Lackawanna County

“I love the Farmer's Market. I especially love their cucumbers and tomatoes. They stay fresh longer than anything you'd get from the store.”

— Kati D., PA

“I've been going there for 45 years. It has become a landmark of joy in my life and the lives of my children as well. Great prices, friendly people and GOOD products/foods:)”

— Carly D., Lackawanna County

“Hi Folks, About a year ago a friend took me to your farmers market. I don't know my way around that area to well, but really enjoyed the market. So many interesting farmers to talk to and lots of ideas you get from them from freezing or making something good to eat out of their product. I was very impressed with "Jim's Farm Produce" stand. Everybody was very friendly and so helpful and most patience with me because I couldn't always decide what I wanted or how much I wanted, even though there were other people to be waited on, they took their time with me. I do shop from others vendors too but "Jim's Farm Produce" is my favorite.  Thank you to Jim and all the farm hands that make it possible for him to have a beautiful stand. I know that farming is a year around job, not just a few days a week at the farmers market. Thanks Jim."   

— Linda Searfoss

"I have been visiting and shopping at the Farmer's Market since I was a child.  I remember my Grandfather pulling a wagon from our old homestead on Cottage Avenue with me in tow while he purchased local produce to be eaten straight away and the other delectables to be stored in our root cellar for the winter.  As an adult I keep the tradition to support our local farmers savoring the bounty NE PA offers.  In particular my favorite and exclusive go - to - stand is the Schirg's - they only sell their OWN LOCALLY grown produce and have superior customer service....I make it a priority each week (while the Market is open) to stock up on local produce for better health and support our local farms!  Visit the stand with the "blue T-shirts" - you will be glad you did!!! "

— Carol Wardock, Clarks Summit, PA

"I love the Co-op Farmers Market in Scranton because every summer when they open I go every week to purchase fresh delicious vegetables and fruit that you can't find in any supermarket.  I love to pick up fresh delicious corn on the cob, brussel sprouts, broccoli, zucinni, butternut, acorn squash, tomatoes, bell peppers, potatoes, lettuce, cantelopes, northern spy apples, peaches, apple cider, etc. I have gone there to shop for fresh produce for over 15 years.  The prices are very reasonable, as a single mother, I was able to buy fresh vegetables and fruit to give my son a healthy diet.  The farmers are all very friendly and give you great information about their produce, like tips on how to store, cook, and recipes sometimes for other ways to serve them up to our families.  They have a place to eat there and fresh meats and other events throughout the months of July to November.  I look forward to going there this summer and enjoying the bounties that they had worked hard to bring into our town and share with all of us.  May God continue to bless each farmer and their family and in turn give to all of us here in Scranton, PA and the surrounding area the blessings of good wholesome produce and fruit for our health."

— Lisa Klein, Taylor, PA

"One of my family’s favorite places to visit in NEPA is the Cooperative Farmers Market of Scranton, located off of Providence Road and Albright Avenue. This open-air market offers quality, homegrown fruits, vegetables, farm fresh meats and baked goods. There is something really special buying your food from the farmer direct. They stand behind their food—literally and figuratively—and you just know that you are getting exactly what they are putting on their own tables and feeding their own children."

—Megan Galko,